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Ricciardi Calls Former Assistant an ‘Idiot’ – But Was it Revenge?
August 20, 2006, 5:20 pm
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Keith Law, former Blue Jays special assistant to GM J.P. Ricciardi, but a writer for ESPN since June, published what appearded to be priveliged details of a relationship known from his previously being a high ranking official with the team.

Vernon Wells has told Blue Jays’ management that he has no intention of signing a contract extension to stay in Toronto. He and his family would like to move closer to his home in Texas, and he has become increasingly disenchanted in Toronto as he has faced public criticism from general manager J.P. Ricciardi.”

While rumors that Wells wanted to play closer to home are not new, this is the first report that says Wells has told the club he is not coming back. Both Wells and Ricciardi denied that conversation ever took place.

From Wells, “The conversation never happened. It’s a complete fabrication.”

From Ricciardi, “He’s become a writer. It doesn’t take long. Keith Law is officially an idiot.”

This was a surprisingly fast breakdown considering Law was one of Ricciadi’s first hires as general manager. He worked closely with Ricciardi for four and a half years only to quit. To betray the confidence of your former boss and job three months after leaving seems harsh. After hearing Ricciardi’s quit rebuttal one has to wonder if Law left on good terms.

Aside from the negative publicity Ricciardi, Wells, and the entire organization have had to deal with, divulging that information compromises the Blue Jays ability to get full value in a trade involving Wells. If other clubs know Wells is unhappy other teams will treat it more like a player dump (see Shea Hillenbrand).

This sounds like revenge to me. Who knows what happened? It could have been a professional disagreement or a personal matter, anything. But I know this; Keith Law is too smart to not know the effect his comments would have on the situation.

Either Keith Law has compromised his integrity for a story, or he wanted revenge. I hope he just wanted revenge.

Keith Law’s quote from his ESPN Insider Blog Aug. 18, 2006.

Other quotes from Toronto Star article Ricciardi blogged down by Wells rumour by Richard Griffin Aug. 19, 2006.


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Keith Law could not have left on good terms and JPR was lucky to have someone of his knowledge on staff. I don’t expect to see JP last too much longer in TOR, but Law will have a long and distinguished career in baseball front offices when all is said and done.

Comment by mattmaison

Actually, I find Keith Law to be a complete idiot. I have read enough ESPN Insider to figure out that Law is nothing more that a shock writer in the baseball world. Read his newest article on David Price of Vand. He questions the mans mechanics and mentions the poor draft quality this upcoming year. This years draft should be the most talented since 2001, maybe the mid 90’s according to Baseball America. Keith Law’s love of big market clubs is only trump’d by his love to bash anything and everything.

Comment by John Larson

As a far-away (Netherlands) Toronto Blue Jays fan, I am always looking for new sites with Jays news.
I hope that Halladay and Wells stays healthy all season.

Comment by Blue Jays Roy Halladay Authentic Jerseys

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